About us

The primary business activity of Klaudia Logistics Ltd. is transport and forwarding of goods within Poland, as well as the entire Europe. We specialize in road transport of all goods in Poland and the EU, using our own fleet of vehicles with container or curtain trailers with a capacity of 24 tons.
Our company, Klaudia Krystyna Zielinska, was founded in 1997, and has greatly evolved since then. In 2014, we changed into a limited liability company under a new name: Klaudia Logistics Ltd. All our workers have over 10 years of experience in the logistics industry. Being active on the European market since 1997, we have learned to recognize the needs of our Customers, making them fully satisfied with our services.
Klaudia Logistics Ltd. is a transport, shipping and logistics company. Additional capabilities of the company include storage and handling of goods in our warehouses. Our fleet of vehicles allows us to transport goods according to our Customers’ needs. All our vehicles are monitored by a GPS system and are fitted with additional equipment required for transport of dangerous goods (in accordance with the ADR treaty). The company holds C16 identification certificates that guarantee the right to move around in Warsaw during the traffic restriction hours.
The primary business activity of the company is national and international transport, forwarding and warehousing. 

The Management Office is a team of several people with experience in client service and billing, who worked in transport and logistics departments of large companies and multinational corporations. Owing to their expertise, we can provide our Customers with services at the highest professional level.
Our aim is to keep up with all new trends in the logistics industry, to make our transport services most effective.
Our team consists of more than 24 people with extensive experience in the logistics industry, whose expertise meets the requirements of all our Customers. Our drivers are responsible and conscientious. They have the required professional knowledge and experience. They also have completed all the trainings needed in their profession, including courses on the transport of dangerous goods (ADR). 
We hope that our offer will meet your expectations and that it will be a beginning of a long-term and successful cooperation! Contact us today and learn what we can do for your business!


ul. Przemysłowa 16
08-410 Wola Rębkowska

e-mail: klaudiamagazyn@garwolin.com.pl
phone: +48 600-156-590/+48 25 6815 206